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The NavBar is a podcast by Jon Meyers and Simon Vrachliotis, covering all things web development and content creation.

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  • 23 - Tailwind V4, Layoffs, #doItAnyways, Astro DB

    Lots has happened this week! New alpha preview of Tailwind V4, more very unexpected layoffs of great people, Jason Lengstorf kicked off the "Do It Anyways" movements, and Astro launched a database!

  • 22 - Long hair, gamified LMS, Pixel Perfect workshop and new NavBar website

    Simon and Jon have been busy! Check out this episode to learn about their adventures with long hair, using Kent C Dodds' gamified LMS to run a Pixel Perfect workshop and how you can suggest topics on the new Navbar website.

  • 21 - We're back!

    It took 14 months but Jon and Simon are talking again! Check out this episode to hear all about the future of the Navbar podcast.

  • 20 - Navigating Burnout

    Creating content is awesome but keeping up with that consistent schedule and watching metrics that very clearly tell you whether you are doing well or not is not always the healthiest for the brain. In this episode, Simon and Jon discuss their own personal burnout stories and try to set themselves more realistic goals for the future.

  • 19 - What is Remix?

    Remix is a tool to build websites, fast! In this episode Jon and Simon discuss what Remix is and why it is so awesome!

  • 18 - Screencasting Hiccups

    Screencasting setups can make things incredibly complex and fragile. In this episode, Simon takes us through some of his recent hiccups that caused him to lose huge recording sessions.

  • 17 - What is Next.js?

    Next.js is a tool to build websites, fast! In this episode Jon takes Simon through why Next.js is so awesome and powerful!

  • 16 - What is Astro? (part 2)

    Astro is a tool to build websites, fast! In part two of this episode Simon takes Jon through what Astro is and why it is so awesome!

  • 15 - Next.js Conf recap with Luke Bennett

    In this special episode, Luke Bennett joins us to recap all the exciting new things announced at Next Conf 2022, and the release of Next.js 13.